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  • what is difference between photovoltaic and normal cable
    • July 02. 2020

    Solar cable can be used in sunshine and rugged environment.The whole solar system can be in more wrose conditions like high temperature and ultraviolet radiation.In some european countries,the temperature of solar system will meet with more than 100℃.Most factories is useing all kinds of insulating protecting material by PVC,rubber ,TPE and high quality Cross-linked material. But more pi...

  • why the cable can be heated still without any loading
    • July 02. 2020

    Customer will meet with problem of cable heating in some place of whole cable system while they never connect any electric appliance or big machine. This accident will make big dangerous for fire or personal injury by electric shock. Let us to study and find knowledge of this matter as follow: Reasons: 1.Why we connect power cable to transfer electical power from power station to another station o...

  • Classify of Photovoltaic cable in Photovoltaic power station
    • September 20. 2021

    Cable is not mean wire and defined it by transferring electrical power only.It with many complicated function and design according to different requirement from customers. It can be used in different working condition by different name of electrical power cable,control cable,compensatory cable,shielded cable,high-temperature cable,computer cable,signal cable,coaxial-cable,fire resisting cable,mari...

  • Reasons of oxidation of cable
    • December 01. 2021

    Copper is belonged to transition metal,automic number is 29,density s 8.92g/cm3,melting point is 1083.4.It is with very good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity.So it can be used as conductor widely.But the surface of copper produce chemical reaction with oxygen and produce CU2(OH)2CO3,we called it as verdigris. It is  blace colour in surface of copper oxide i...

  • which cable is qualified to make new energy automobile
    • April 01. 2022

    A few days ago, the State Council issued the "Notice on the Action Plan for Carbon Peaking Before 2030", which clearly stated that it will vigorously promote new energy vehicles, gradually reduce the proportion of traditional fuel vehicles in the production and sales of new vehicles and car ownership, and promote urban public service vehicles. Electrification replacement, promote the low-carbon tr...

  • Running in accelerated speed,Green energy opens a new track
    • April 01. 2022

    In the period of strategic opportunity for the rapid development of the global energy storage market, our company actively responds to the national strategic development plan, accurately understands the market demand, establishes cooperative relations with customers, helps the green and low-carbon transformation and development of energy, and promotes the realization of the "3060" dual-carbon goal...

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