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  • 2022-04-01 17:44:39

A few days ago, the State Council issued the "Notice on the Action Plan for Carbon Peaking Before 2030", which clearly stated that it will vigorously promote new energy vehicles, gradually reduce the proportion of traditional fuel vehicles in the production and sales of new vehicles and car ownership, and promote urban public service vehicles. Electrification replacement, promote the low-carbon transformation of electric power, hydrogen fuel, liquefied natural gas-powered heavy freight vehicles, and transportation equipment, and actively expand the application of new and clean energy such as electric power, hydrogen energy, natural gas, and advanced bio-liquid fuels in the field of transportation.

The release of the "Notice" will further promote the rapid development of new energy vehicles, which will also drive the development of related industries, such as new energy vehicle cables.

In addition to the basic performance requirements of general fuel road vehicles, new energy vehicle cables need to meet special requirements, such as excellent chemical resistance, excellent electrical properties, excellent high and low temperature properties, mechanical properties, heat resistance, etc. Such as high load current capacity and other characteristics. In response to this operating environment, our cables have specially developed high-temperature 125, 150℃ high-voltage connection flexible cables to meet the design and performance requirements of new energy vehicle manufacturers and models.

Compared with conventional products on the market, high-temperature 125, 150℃ high-voltage connection flexible cables have the characteristics of long cable life, high shielding efficiency, softness and lightness, and good oil resistance, which are embodied in:

Long cable life:

Some products on the market often have potential problems such as cable surface cracking, vehicle leakage, and serious aging of the cable sheath, and vehicle recall accidents due to poor cable materials also occur from time to time. The high temperature resistant 125, 150℃ high-voltage connection flexible cables developed by our cable have excellent performance, and there is no cracking in the long-term aging test of 3000h at the rated temperature and the short-term aging test of 240h at high temperature. It is worth mentioning that this product has been successfully used in a number of new energy vehicle models, with good use and no bad feedback.

High shielding efficiency:

The shielding materials of some high-voltage connecting cables for new energy vehicles on the market are unstable, which can easily lead to poor cable shielding, which in turn affects signal transmission. The high-temperature 125, 150℃high-voltage connection flexible cable developed byourCable has a good shielding effect through a unique shielding structure design. Under the condition of 500MHz, the shielding transfer impedance is less than 14.3MΩ/m.

Good oil resistance and wear resistance:

The high-temperature 125, 150℃high-voltage connection flexible cables developed by our cables have excellent resistance to chemical agents such as glass water, mineral oil, and motor oil. At the same time, because the sheath is made of radiation cross-linked polyvinyl material, the scratch resistance has reached more than 1500 times.

Thanks to the country's high attention and vigorous promotion, new energy vehicles have entered the fast lane of development and are accelerating to seize the share of the fuel vehicle market. For the automobile industry, this is a rare opportunity. Similarly, for the automotive supporting industry, this is also an opportunity. In the future, our cables will rely on our own strong R&D and manufacturing strength and complete production and testing equipment to develop more new energy vehicle cable products, help the development of new energy vehicles, and contribute to the early realization of the carbon peak goal.

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