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PVC copper conductor flexible cable

6241Y,6242Y,6243Y (PVC Insulated PVC Sheathed Flat Cable Twin and Earth Wire) meets or exceeds the requirements of all international standards like ASTM,IEC,DIN,BS,AS,CSA,NFC,SS,etc. in addition, we also accept OEM service to meet your special request.

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    ZHT 455410PV1
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    30% downpayment,70% before shipment by TT
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    Wuhu,Hefei or Shanghai
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    3 or 5 days
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PVC  copper conductor flexible cable

The products is suitable for use in power installations, fixed wiring or flexible

connections for electrical appliances like lighting, electronic equipment, instrument 

and communication equipment with rated voltage 450/750V or less



1.Conductor: Plain annealed copper solid (1.0 – 2.5mm²) or stranded (4.0 – 16.0mm²) circular conductor complying with BS EN 60228 Class 1 or Class 2.

2.Insulation: PVC Insulation complying with BS EN 50363-3.

3.Sheath: PVC sheath complying with BS7655.

4.Circuit Protective Conductor. 300/500V.

PVC Insulated PVC Sheathed Flat Cable Twin and Earth Wire,6241Y,6242Y,6243Y specifications(data sheet,table,full form)


Normal area Structure Insulated Overall Normal area Structure Insulated Overall(mm2)
(mm2) thickness dia. (mm2) thickness dia.
(mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm)
2x0.50 28/0.15 0.5 5.2 4x1.00 32/0.20 0.6 8
2x0.75 24/0.20 0.5 6.4 4x1.50 30/0.25 0.7 9.2
2x1.00 32/0.20 0.6 6.6 4x2.50 49/0.25 0.8 10.9
2x1.50 30/0.25 0.7 7.6 4x4.00 56/0.30 0.8 12.8
2x2.50 49/0.25 0.8 9.4 4x6.00 84/0.30 0.8 15.4
3x0.50 28/0.15 0.5 5.5 4x10.00 126/0.32 1 17.6
3x0.75 24/0.20 0.5 6.8 4x16.00 126/0.40 1 21.1
3x1.00 32/0.20 0.6 7.2 5x1.50 48/0.20 0.7 10.7
3x1.50 30/0.25 0.7 8.5 5x2.50 49/0.25 0.8 12.8
3x2.50 49/0.25 0.8 10 5x4.00 56/0.30 0.8 14.5
3x4.00 56/0.30 0.8 11.7 5x6.00 84/0.30 0.8 16.4
3x6.00 84/0.30 0.8 13 5x10.00 126/0.32 1 20.1
3x10.0 126/0.32 1 16.1 5x16.00 126/0.40 1 24.4
3x16.0 126/0.40 1 19.4

2,3,5 core power cable


Anhui Zongheng Hi-tech Cable Co.Ltd is located in lakeside large modern city construction key areas of Hefei-Baohe Industrial Zone,belongs to Anhui Provincial”861’ Project,we are developing and designing our cable for new energy vehicle from chinese market and overseas market always.Then terminal customers can feel the good quality of our products by using into their electrical car or truck finally.


1.As for mass order of our cable ,we will use packing way by plywood box and plywood coil for delivery by container or bulky cargo ship.

2.As for small order ,we will use the packing ways by plywood box by LCL sea way or normal air way.

3.As for first sample,we can deliver them to our overseas customers by DHL,FEDEX,TNT or EMS with best air freight.

4.Our all packing material will meet with the exporting standard.


1. Are you a manufacture or trading company?

We are professional manufacturer.We can control your order from the first begining t0 the last.Welcome to visit our factory.We’ll pick you up in HEFEI.


2. How can I get a sample to test your quality?

The samples are free for you.New clients are expected to pay for the courier cost.


3. What’s your minimum order Quantity?

Normally 100m.However,the cable is very heavy.You’d better order a suitable quantity to avoid the high freight.Sea transportation is the best option.But we can arrange to send sample to you also by express including DHL,FEDEX,EMS or normal air way if you want


4. Can I get a discount?

It depends on your quantity,we can make a discount and afford the freight.Please kindly contact with us.


5. Dose your company accept OEM production?

Yes,could print your company name ,we even custom the quality card to promote your company. 

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Leave A Message

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.

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