• Photovoltaic Cable
    Photovoltaic Cable

    TUV Approved 1500V DC Cable XLPE Double Insulation Solar Panel Cable EN50618 4mm Solar Cable 4mm Solar Cable Features: The 4mm solar cable is a tinned copper conductor, XLPO insulation, and LSZH sheath, which is designed for connecting photovoltaic system components inside and outside of buildings and equipment with high mechanical requirements and extreme weather conditions. It has the characteristics of UV resistance, wears resistance,oxygen and ozone resistance. Factory: We producing solar cable more than 10 years and support many consturction from Sinopec,CHC china already.

  • Power Cable
    Power Cable

    We produced many kinds of power cables more than 10 years and as best supplier to many electrical power companies like DATANG LUEYANG Electricity Generating CO., Ltd. Huarun Resources Power Co. LTD,etc.We are their prior supplier and getting their trust by our cable with best quality from them already. Our power cable is used to tranmit and distribute power in power transmission and distribution system of 35KV or lower.It is generally applied to the fields including power.contruction,mines,metallurgy,petrochemical industry and communication in complete replace of oil immersed papaer insulated power cable and in partial replace of PVC insulated power cable. We are strateqic partner of Sinopec already.

  •  Control Cable
    Control Cable

    Our control cables were used in China mobile and other TV tower widely.It are suitable for the wiring of electial controlling equipments and instrumeent,monitoring and controlling return circuit,electical protection and measurementin powere distribution unit under tha circumstance that the rated voltage is up to 450/750V A/C selection of high quality control cables includes flexible control cables and flexible automation cables.Our control cables are supplied to a variety of industries and applications,including robotics,manufacturing ,construction,power and distribution,and other commerical or civilian area. We paid more attention to develope the safe and fireproof cable can be used into residence and supermarket and bridge.It can supply more time and safe protection to resident and children while they meeting with fire or other emergency . Our top leaders made a good relationship with  computer and automatical machinery and robot factory also.Then our cable were be used into computer and automatic machinery factories in china also.

  • New energy automobile and train cable
    New energy automobile and train cable

    After very hard trying in last 10 years,we put our cable into many automobile factories like JAC,Chery,Ankai,Yutong,Dongfeng and Foton,etc.Our cable is  not only used into their fuel vehicle ,but also into their new energy automobile in these years. Our factory is producing cable for  connecting, battery,battery station for electrical vehicles recently.One way, these automobile factory can test our cable and gave us best advice to increase adoptation of our cable into their vehicle.Another way,we can update our products to meet with new requirements from main vehicle factories also. We had a very strong experence to produce train cable to CRRC also.We can supply train cables which cost is more than 50 millions RMB to them per year at least

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