why the cable can be heated still without any loading

  • 2020-07-02 10:50:45

Customer will meet with problem of cable heating in some place of whole cable system while they never connect any electric appliance or big machine.

This accident will make big dangerous for fire or personal injury by electric shock.

Let us to study and find knowledge of this matter as follow:


1.Why we connect power cable to transfer electical power from power station to another station or big factory,big shopping mall .There will happened big resistance on cable if we installing cable and power connect point loosely.It will make high temperature on connect point and broken the insulating layer.

2.Tight circuit installation will heat the control cable in home decoration in Automobile .It will make heating of control cable in small space in Wall and Automobile.The heat is not been dissipated by so tight installing in small space.The cable will be more heater if they were installed in the place which closed to heat source like AUTO engine or some other heat source at home.

3.Electrical short circuit will be more easier happened in cable with terrible insulating layer and in wet condition--like under sea ,bridge ,chemical factory or other humid environment .This point will heat control equipment and cable easier.

4.Station of solar engergy will happen big electical current while it works in Summer or in some Arical countries.Strong sunshine will make cable heater than in normal working status.So we need connect all solar cable ,solar swith and solar panel very carefully and closed.Or it will make more heat on cable and make solar electrical power generating system in the rist of fire.

Solution way:

Checking the insulating layer of cable by inspectors aperiodically,we must check which segment with high temperature and binding up that segment of cable by PVC insulating tape or other insulating material.

The more important is using our cable from our fatory ,we have a strick and advanced laboratory for our all products.We can keep our solar ,power,contral and new energy automible cables can be used by you safely .

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