what is difference between photovoltaic and normal cable

  • 2020-07-02 10:50:31

Solar cable can be used in sunshine and rugged environment.The whole solar system can be in more wrose conditions like high temperature and ultraviolet radiation.In some european countries,the temperature of solar system will meet with more than 100℃.Most factories is useing all kinds of insulating protecting material by PVC,rubber ,TPE and high quality Cross-linked material.

But more pity thing happened from some solar cable factories also,more rubber cable with rated temperature is 90℃ is using in domestical markets and overseas markets.Some factories is using rubble cable with rated temperature is 70 to instead of photovoltaic cable in some very important solar energy station.It will reduce the life of solar power system too much.

The charactor of photovoltaic cable is depends on the special insulating material and sheath material ,we called them as  Crosslinked PE.The molecular structure in material of photovoltaic cable will be improved and can meet with the function of professional solar cable finally.

Our factory can produce and supply best  protective jacket for our solar cable with international standard ,it will protect our solar cable to bear more big  pressure,bending, tension, cross tensile load and strong impact while we installing solar system on the roof of building or specific environment.It can lengthen the life of whole solar power system.The more important to use our professional solar can prevent the fire ,personal safety or more property loss.

So we can understand professiona solar cable from our factory with more high safety standard than normal cable now.

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