Classify of Photovoltaic cable in Photovoltaic power station

  • 2021-09-20 11:44:59

Cable is not mean wire and defined it by transferring electrical power only.It with many complicated function and design according to different requirement from customers.

It can be used in different working condition by different name of electrical power cable,control cable,compensatory cable,shielded cable,high-temperature cable,computer cable,signal cable,coaxial-cable,fire resisting cable,marine cable,mine cable and aluminum alloy cable,etc.They were constituted by Single and multi-strand conductors and insulating layers and connecting circuit and electric appliance,etc.

Solar cable can be classified by system of photovoltaic power station into DC cable and AC,these two kinds of cable can be classified into more kinds according to different environment conditions and using:

1.DC cable

(1) Series cable between components

(2)Parallel cables between groups and between groups and dc distribution box.

(3)Cable between DC distribution box and inverter.

These cables above are DC cable and can be used outdoor condition,but Moisture-proof, sun-proof, cold-resistant, heat-resistant, uv resistant, and acid and alkali resistant chemicals are also needed in some special environments.

2.DC cable

(1)Connecting cables from inverter to boost transformer

(2)from boost transformer to distribution unit

(3)from distribution unit to power grid or customer

Usual code in cable:

Using codes:

No mark means electrical power cable

K-control cable    P-signal cable

Conductor material code:

No mark means copper(or by CU),L-aluminum

inner protective layer code:

Q-lead layer,L-aluminum layer,H-rubber layer,V-pvc layer

outer protective layer code:

V-pvc Y-WDZB

Special product code:

TH-wet and tropical

TA-dry and tropical

ZR-inflaming retarding

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